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What is 'Quick Kink' and how does it work?'s 'Quick Kink' offers a fun way of connecting with new people. It’s simple and easy to use, all you need to do is select what kind of person you're looking for from the options in the top menu. The system will then generate potential matches in your country. If the kinkster isn’t what you’re looking for, just click on ‘skip’ to move on to the next potential match.  

If you find someone you like, send them a 'Spank'. If the person you've just spanked is online, they'll receive a notification in real-time. If they are offline, they receive an email notification* and your spank is then visible in that person’s 'Spanks Received' list.  From this list, they can check out your profile and send a message when they next log in. What happens next is up to you!

**all users have the facility to opt-out of email notifications, which you can change in the settings menu.

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