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What are fakes?

Fakes (or spammers) are people behind profiles who try to lure you with offers and services and are not on to be kinky or social.  

These days fakes act in many weird and surprisingly different ways. Many of them write directly with unrealistic propositions to try and get hold of your email address, or they may try to get you to visit external websites.  

Also, profiles in which members pretend to be someone else (e.g. men as women), are fakes.

If you receive a message from someone, who asks you for your email address early on in a conversation or writes very poorly, be suspicious.  In case of suspicion, always report the profile and we’ll look into it.  

If you write to a fake, you may get a response about a fee-based offer or to a competitor page in their answer. It's also likely that you’ll receive just an email address as a reply, to which they ask you to write.  They also use your email address to send spam.  Read more on how to avoid scammers in our helpful guide.

As above, if you’re suspicious in any way, report the member to our Support Team immediately.

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