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How can I get more reviews on my profile?

Take your time

Your profile is your chance to present yourself to other members. Your profile is you! So take your time creating and filling out your profile. It 's worth it.

Show your face

Your chances of interaction and visibility increase if you show your face in your profile photo. If you don't want to take that step out of anonymity, come up with other meaningful images, e.g. a silhouette or face turned away. We recommend you should at least have some photos in the secret gallery with a face photo that you can discretely show to someone who you have developed trust. Of course, a friendly, cheerful facial expression comes over more likeable than a closed or even dark appearance.

Be honest

Be honest when choosing your photos and don't lift pictures from the net as this isn't allowed on the site. Have the courage to present yourself with current images as you are. Also, cheating with your age won't bring you any success in the long-term.

Add interests

Fill out your profile as thoroughly as possible, so kinksters have the opportunity to get to know you. It also helps others search for the same interests or kinks that you have.

And another thing...

Pay attention to your spelling! Basic mistakes aren't  sexy for a lot of people.

Apart from the above, members love to share their experiences and opinions in the forum, which is a great place to get lots of useful tips from other kinksters. 

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